Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The "Spirit of Tomorrow"

None more unusual, though, than this 1938 "Spirit of Tomorrow" (above) built by a Victoria, BC, man named H.B. "Barney" Oldfield. What? The fabled early-century racer? Sorry, no. The Victoria Oldfield simply acquired the nickname. His car consists of an aluminum skin stretched over a wood body built on a 1939 Dodge car frame, modeled after Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion vehicle. It originally had a flat-head Ford V8 but that was replaced by a modern 289 Ford when Oldfield restored the vehicle in 1967. The engine is situated ahead of the rear wheels for better handling.

Click Here to check out all about "The Spirit Of Tomorrow." It was an automobile designed by Horace Basil (Barney) Oldfield.

1947 Studebaker Pickup

An enduring favorite among pickup-truck fans, the simple lines of this small but elegant truck was a Wednesday highlight, reaching a $34,100 sale. It has the correct 169cid six-cylinder engine and three-speed manual transmission.

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