Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1956 Messerschmitt KR-175

image: http://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/1956-Messerschmitt-KR-175-600x374.jpg
1956 Messerschmitt KR-175It’s a car! No, it’s a motorcycle! No, it’s a Messerschmitt! We haven’t featured one of these unique microcars in while so when this project showed up here on eBay, I knew we needed to give it a mention. Messerschmitt was a German manufacturer who was known for their aircraft, but for a while there they tried their hand at automobile manufacturing too. Well, sort of. The KR-175 was a three-wheeler that was powered by an air-cooled engine, so it may have seemed more like a motorcycle than a car. With tandem seating and a top though it offered cheap transportation to those who wanted a little more protection from the elements. This early example is going to need a full restoration, but it does look complete. Thanks goes to Robert R for the tip!
Source: barnfinds.com
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Here is the same car as pictured above, someone has either taken great care of this car or they have completed a wonderful restoration on it.
This is a fine example of post World War II engineering by the Messerschmitt Aircraft Company. Created by aeronautical engineer Fend Flitzer, the car, first produced in 1953 created quite a stir as nothing quite like it had ever been seen before. Powered by a Fitchel & Sachs 174cc 9hp motor, the KR-175 is quite capable of cruising at 50mph. This KR-175 has been completely restored and just about everything in the car is new and refurbished. Mechanically the vehicle starts, runs and shifts remarkably well. The cockpit has ample room for 2 and is a flat out show stopper, when making an appearance. Equipped with a 4-speed transmission, including a rare reverse gear and optional electric start. The frame is precision steel tubular construction with a Plexiglas hood which opens to admit the driver and passenger. Gauges and electric controls are all in good working condition.
This car is going to be auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. Click Here for the link for more information and pictures.

Source:  barrett-jackson.com

1936 Dubonnet Dolphin


1936 Dubonnet Dolphin -- lost streamliner car

1936 Arrowhead Three-Wheeled Teardrop Car


Flathead Ford V-8 Powered

1936 Arrowhead Tear-Drop Car Brochure (Front)

1936 Arrowhead Tear-Drop Car Details 

Flathead Ford V-8 Powered 1936 Arrowhead Three-Wheeled Teardrop Car 


Sunday, March 1, 2015

1952 Studebaker Commander Starlite Hardtop

1952 Studebaker Commander Starlite Hardtop - Image 1 of 21

Rare Hardtop 1952 with bullet nose and many options. "Turning Wheels" magazine cover car. Genuine low mileage, original fabulous interior. Great driver, new radials, shocks. Exceptionally straight body and paint. Absolutely no rust. You will be the attraction of the show field.

Click Here for more information and photos.

Source: hemmings.com