Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1965 Volvo 210

1965 Volvo 210 - Image 1 of 15

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1960 Chevrolet Impala

1960 Chevrolet Impala - Image 1 of 14

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1954 Corvette: Abandoned Project

1954 CorvetteIt happens all too often, someone comes across a barn find, buys it, pulls it home, and starts tearing it apart. Then as life goes, other things get in the way and the project is left in pieces. The process then starts all over again, years later someone else comes across the unfinished project, buys it, tows it home, and starts working on it. If the car is lucky it will get finished, but far too often they never see the open road. The owner of this desirable ’54 Corvette found it in a barn, at which point it was running and driving. They started the restoration and now the car is not running and will need considerable work to be drivable again. Thankfully, they have realized they have to many other projects and aren’t ever going to get around to fixing it. They have listed it here on eBay, where bidding is already over $16k. So do you think this Vette will ever see the road again?


1964 Royale: Arden Eby Who?

1964 Royale
Every now and again, a car pops up that is a total head-scratcher – that’s why we need our Barn Finds readers to help us figure this one out! The craigslist listing for this 1964 Royale, a limo built on a Cadillac chassis, is a peculiar one, especially since it is written as if we should know who the creator was! The name Arden Eby doesn’t ring any bells for me, so I doubt he was a world-famous automotive designer. But frankly, for a home-built job (one that supposedly took 100 hours per month for two years to build), it doesn’t look awful. The targa roof for the driver is an interesting touch, too. Has anyone ever heard of Mr. Eby or his creation? Oh and this mystery oddball could be yours for $15,000!


Micro Dragster: 1950 Crosley Wagon

1950 Crosley Hot WagonLooking at this tiny Crosley wagon, you can tell something just isn’t quite right (and no I don’t mean the styling)! The rear wheels stick out to far and the whole car is sitting too high, but once you take a look underneath you understand why the stance is off. This Crosley was built for drag racing at some point in its life. Now you might be thinking, how would you stuff a V8 in that tiny front end. Well, thankfully whoever built it decided not attempt that task and instead installed a Datsun 1600 engine and drivetrain. It certainly isn’t a V8, but compared the the tiny Crosley engine it is a mighty beast! Be sure to take a look at this interesting little dragster here on eBay in Belmont, New Hampshire with bidding just over $1k. So would you call this a Crostsun or a Datsley? 


1939 Crosley Convertible: Tiny Drop Top

1939 Crosley Convertible Coupe
When I think of pre-1940’s American cars, I picture large sedans with art deco styling and massive flathead engines, but one American manufacturer went against the norm and tried to build something compact and efficient long before any fuel crises mandated it. Crosley was a brand that truly went against the trends in an attempt to carve out a new niche in America. This 1939 Crosley Convertible Coupe is one of about 2k ever built and has been in storage for the past 45 years! As you can see, it is extremely small and can best be described as being cute. It has a few styling traits reminiscent of the big cars of the era, but overall was unlike anything else on the road. In a sea of Fords and Chevys, this Crosley would stand out at any car show it attends. If you are like me and love oddballs, you can find this one here on eBay with an opening bid of $2,500 and a BIN of $4k in Narrowsburg, New York. So would you give this cute little American car a home in your garage?


Friday, May 1, 2015

1953 Chevrolet 210 Station Wagon

1953 Chevrolet 210 - Image 1 of 49

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1969 Dodge A100 Cab Over

1969 Dodge A100 Cab Over - Image 1 of 4

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1957 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Hardtop Coupe

1957 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Hardtop Coupe - Image 1 of 50

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1964 Plymouth Barracuda

1964 Plymouth Barracuda - Image 1 of 35

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1956 Pontiac Safari


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