Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Micro Dragster: 1950 Crosley Wagon

1950 Crosley Hot WagonLooking at this tiny Crosley wagon, you can tell something just isn’t quite right (and no I don’t mean the styling)! The rear wheels stick out to far and the whole car is sitting too high, but once you take a look underneath you understand why the stance is off. This Crosley was built for drag racing at some point in its life. Now you might be thinking, how would you stuff a V8 in that tiny front end. Well, thankfully whoever built it decided not attempt that task and instead installed a Datsun 1600 engine and drivetrain. It certainly isn’t a V8, but compared the the tiny Crosley engine it is a mighty beast! Be sure to take a look at this interesting little dragster here on eBay in Belmont, New Hampshire with bidding just over $1k. So would you call this a Crostsun or a Datsley?