Monday, June 7, 2010

Pontiac Strato Streak Concept

Intended as a combination between a sports car and a sedan, the 1954 Pontiac Strato Streak was created as a concept car for the 1954 Motorama auto shows. Orginially it was painted a metallic green, however it was later repainted a metallic red and renamed the Strato Streak II.

Unique Features

Distinctive features of the Strato Streak included:

■Center-opening side doors without a B-pillar
■Fiberglass body on a 124-inch wheelbase
■Swivel front seats
■Wraparound windshield

The 1954 Pontiac Strato Streak concept was a 4-door “hardtop type” car inspired by the Pontiac Catalina. With no center post between the doors, the car could be opened up completely. It had 4-bucket seats and the front set swiveled sideways for easier entry. Controls for safety and convenience accessories were on the drive shaft tunnel.

The Strato Streak was built on Pontiac’s 124-inch Star Chief’s wheelbase and was only 54.7-inches high, 8.7-inches lower than contemporary production models. The interior featured beige leather and a special nylon fabric with gold metallic threads. The Strato Streak’s backlight pillars were as narrow as possible. The wide rear window was supplemented by quadrant shaped sidelights. The rear doors opened into the wind, with special locks to prevent opening unless the car was stopped and in neutral.

It originally had a metallic green finish on its fiberglass body, but was later painted iridescent metallic red and renamed the Strato Streak II.

Source: Internet