Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jeff Gold’s Rescued Studio Art Collection

Rendering by Pete Wozena

About Jeff’s Collection: “I began collecting after reading car designer biographies and seeing styling art published in Collectible Automobile Magazine during the mid 1980′s. By contacting retired designers, I found that some were willing to give or sell pieces from their portfolios. I always had a deep interest in automobile design history, especially GM, and was fascinated with the designers stories, especially the early days with Mr. Earl and Mitchell. I read everything I could find and interviewed many people in the design field over the years. Chuck Jordan and most of the designers I met were supportive of my efforts and agreed this art was special and should be saved, I cherished it. After some time, I found a small network of like-minded collectors to trade and share information with. Much of the art from the Earl/Mitchell eras has been lost and it’s rare today to find much of anything, I continue to look and remain interested in adding to my collection.

Source: Internet