Monday, December 2, 2013

1914 American Underslung

The American Motor Car Company opened its showroom doors in 1905 with several different models on offer. The Underslung, with an innovative chassis riding below the axles as designed by Fred Tone and Harry Stutz, was introduced in 1907. By 1911 the company offered only the Underslung-type chassis and utilized the team as a model name with seven different body and engine configurations.

The American Underslung rode on huge 40-inch wheels, giving it a sporty appearance. And with its engine and transmission - and center of gravity - quite close to the ground, the cars handle beautifully. By 1913 the company's marketing slogan was 'The Car for the Discriminating Few,' and sadly that proved rather too true as there were few customers for it. Although new models were introduced for 1914, including this very rare Model 642, the company was in financial trouble and closed its doors after only nine years of building motorcars.