Saturday, February 1, 2014

Holden Cars

Holden is the name of an Australian car manufacturer. Originally, it was an independent manufacturer, but has since grown to be a subsidiary of General Motors. General Motors purchased Holden in 1931 and the company name was changed to General Motors–Holden's Ltd. In 1998, it was renamed Holden Ltd. and in May 2005, its name changed once more, so that it is presently known as GM Holden Ltd. The company has produced a large number of car models that have bagged “Car of the Year” awards for many years.

1950 Commodore FX

Front Right 1950 Commodore FX Sedan Car Picture

2005 Holden Efijy Concept

1958 Holden Station Wagon

Rear Right 1958 Holden Station Wagon Picture