Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Miniature American Classic Cars

Ernie’s Dwarf Cars – Miniature American Classic Cars

Ernie Adams 1949 Mercury Dwarf Car
Here’s an awesome character who I could talk to for days, Ernie Adams from Maricopa, Arizona.  You see, Ernie is one of those people that would rather spend the time to build something with their own hands than go to a store and pick it up off the shelf.  Some of his most incredible creations are his famous Dwarf Cars.
Ernie lived close to the city dump and collected lots of scrap materials like steel, aluminum, zinc, tires and wheels, furniture, and everything else you can think of and find at the dump.  He used all that material to build these beautiful Dwarf Cars, all by hand and from scrap materials.
Ernie Adams 1942 Ford Convertible Dwarf Car
Ernie’s Dwarf Cars, as the name suggest, are smaller versions of some of the classic American cars from the 1940’s.  These cars are real, working machines and are street legal, complete with lights, signals, gauges, and everything a “real” car has.  The cars are powered by motorcycles engines, again, found at the city dump and re-purposed.
Ernie has built 7 of these dwarf cars, by hand; he even made the tools to make these cars.  The cars are now displayed at the Dwarf Car Museum in Arizona.  His collection of cars include: 1949 Mercury, 1934 Ford Sedan, 1942 Ford Convertible, 1929 Ford Hillbilly, 1939 Chevy Sedan, 1928 Grandpa Dwarf, and a Dwarf race car.
…and did I mention he built all of these cars from scratch?  Pretty amazing, we need more people like Bernie Adams in this world!  Check out the official Dwarf Car website for more information and pictures.

Ernie Adams Dwarf Cars

1949 Mercury Dwarf CarErnie Adams 1939 Chevy Sedan Dwarf CarErnie Adams 1929 Ford Hillbilly Dwarf Car
Source: unfinishedman.com