Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1959 Chevrolet El Camino

1959 El CaminoLike some 115 other people, I've been watching this 1959 El Camino here on eBay for quite a while. It has a great look to it, although I'm a bit nervous about the rust. Five thousand dollars seems like a decent deal for a first year V8 powered El Camino, but it appears no one is quite willing to take the plunge and hit the Buy It Now button. If the engine were complete and running, I have a feeling this one would have sold a long time ago. The seller does give the option to make an offer, so perhaps they would be willing to drop the price a could thousand. If the engine is free, it shouldn't be hard to find parts for and get running, but that's a big if. I would want to inspect this one carefully before spending much on it, as the rust could be a serious issue. So would you leave this truck with its original "patina" or would you give it a proper paint job?