Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Volvo Style Pickup!

'59 Volvo pickup

Volvo pickup you say? Volvo never built a truck version of the PV444 or PV544, but that didn’t stop anyone from building this one. This is the best little pickup we have seen today! Listed here on eBay in Fountain Valley, CA is this 1959 Volvo pickup conversion with a high bid of $6,300 at the time of writing.

'59 Volvo pickup bed

There is very little information provided with the ad so please review the images and ask the owner any question you may have concerning this sweet little ride. One thing the owner does mention is the “Rhino Bed” and that much of the truck is new. And from our own research, it seems a Swedish Coachbuilder built this truck shortly after it left the Volvo factory.

Volvo Truck Interior

There is a beautiful new interior with better than new seats! This really looks like a place we wouldn’t mind being, especially for trips around town to pickup parts!

'59 Volvo pickup left side

These were all the photos included in the ad, but we sure would like to see more detailed images. Given that this was a custom built truck, we want to see how the work was done and that it still looks good today. There is B20 under the hood, which we know to be bullet proof. It currently wears new paint, new tires and brakes, so we assume it is ready to go. It looks like time to pick up some hardware and supplies in style.

Source: barnfinds.com