Sunday, March 6, 2016

Caddy Truck: 1976 Cadillac DeVille Mirage

1976 Cadillac Mirage

We’ve seen a few Cadillac trucks over the years, they all have been custom creations used primarily as flower cars by funeral homes. This ’76 DeVille based Mirage is one of the nicer examples we have seen and was built by Traditional Coach Works. Just a little over 200 of these were built, but no one is sure of the exact number. They were extremely well done conversions and are probably as close to a factory built Cadillac truck as you can get. This one is listed here on eBay in Tacoma, Washington with a high bid of $15k and the reserve not met.
1976 Cadillac Mirage Interior
I think the seller might be dreaming by setting a reserve that’s higher than $15k. They have posted results for other Mirages that have sold in the past at Barrett Jackson auctions as examples of what others have sold for, there prices range from $38k up to $44k. The only problem with that is those cars were all in extremely nice shape and were either very low mileage survivors, had already been extensively restored or both. Now don’t get me wrong, I think this seller’s truck is a nice example of one of these rare conversions, I’m just not convinced that it’s worth much more than $15k in its current condition.
1976 Cadillac Mirage Bed
I could be wrong on my guesstimate for this one, but I think that Barrett Jackson values tend to be inflated and not representative of the classic car market as a whole. If the seller detailed it to show quality, they might be able to get a few more bids out of it, but given the rust issues, cracked dash, ruined weather stripping, and other small issues I don’t see it going much higher. I’m hopping the seller’s reserve is only slightly more than the current bid. If that is the case, it could be a worthwhile and fun buy! The seller does seem to be upfront about the car’s issues and welcomes inspections, so if you are looking for an oddball luxury truck I’d recommend giving this one a closer look! So would you like to roll around in this Caddy?