Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wait A Minute Mr. Postman! 1929 Mail Truck

What a great old truck! This 1929 Ford Model A has been owned by the seller for the last 43 years. It’s showing 23,192 miles but who knows how many times it’s been around–and who really cares? It’s now in Shawnee, Kansas. The seller has listed it here on eBay, with bidding starting pretty low but there’s a reserve. Let’s look a little closer.

31 MT 11515 Verna
image courtesy of Model A Ford Club of America

As it turns out, there were a lot of these Model A mail trucks made; you can read about them at this link, and there’s a video of a nice one here. Around 1400 of these “A” based trucks were produced by Ford for the USPS, along with some “AA” based larger vehicles as well. There was also a book written in 1999 specifically about these mail trucks, so if you want to restore this one or at least check it for originality, it won’t be difficult.
Unfortunately, we don’t know if this particular Model A runs from the auction. I contacted the seller and they say it runs very well! The seller tells us that the body is all original oak; I hope if someone restores it, it’s done sympathetically and all the wood that can be saved is preserved.

As you can see, the body is still relatively solid, although obviously there would need to be some careful conservation work done. In my dreams, it starts up first try–if it does, I’d leave this one alone and preserve it as-is once I made sure it was safe to drive.

Here’s where Mr. Postman spent his time. I’ll bet that steering wheel could tell some stories! The driving arrangement doesn’t look that comfortable, with other interior views revealing that there is no backrest cushion and doesn’t look like there ever was one.

It sure looks like it would start right up, doesn’t it. Even the pipe bolted to the exhaust manifold looks new. I know I’d like this truck, and I don’t even like Model A’s that much! How about you?