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20 Rocking Cars That Were Far Ahead Of Its Time

If you are still wondering which were the best rocking cars that were made and designed so well it offered features and configurations beyond the time where they were built. Then the list of 20 rocking cars is given below so you can read and find information about the features that brought revolutions in the automobile industry,

The impact that Citroen Traction Avant had on the world during the vintage period was phenomenal given its features, especially its front-wheel power. It was not priced high and which remained in the grasp of the middle class who could afford this beautiful car. The engine and the transaxle were located in the front giving it a nice feature and design that the buyer appreciated. No doubt this was amongst the rocking cars of the 1930's


There were only 51 cars made by the company and was among the rocking cars of the 1950's which earned fame. The innovative design marks the best feature of the car and which were actually extraordinary in shape and appearance at that time. The headlight which was placed in the center of the car gave it a unique look. The design carved on the front suspension has always shown a change during every upgrade of the Tucker family.

The most notable feature of the car was the aerodynamic shape that provided it more swiftness on the road. It was boasting an engine that could run it like a train with a transmission that was semi-automatic loaded with a vacuum system. The car featured whole advanced disc brakes on all the four wheels which were generally a feature of rocking cars. The 3-speed gearbox and the wheelbase was a big add-on to the already awesome car.

The car looked very simple and ordinary from the outside but the inside offered much space which made it ideal for families. It had all the looks of a luxury car when it came to the top model specifications. It was the car that was perfect for families and could provide space for sitting as well as storage which made it one of the rocking cars of that era. In almost every year of production, this has always shown incredible improvements.

It offered precise tractions and the ride was comfortable and the controlling was perfect. The engineering used in the car gave it the best features that allowed it for off road uses as well. It was affordable and the first ever in the American history to offer four-seater at that point of time. This car remains legendary, particularly a rarer series so far. This is also one of the most sought after vehicle when taken into the picture, its price and features.

The car was made specifically for rally and races but later the production was increased to bring it on the streets. It was the first car that was legal with twin engines that could be driven on the roads with a top speed of 195 miles per hour. The technology used was advanced and made it among the best rocking cars that were ever built. This car had let everyone in the period to have an anxious feeling to drive it and having one was an ultimate expression.

It was a luxury car which was a rear wheel drive sedan with four doors loaded with a V8 engine.  It had the perfect handling and the speed performance that was much sought by the people. The appearance was nothing special but the performance was ensured to be top notch in the car. This car held a multi-linked suspension at its front and rear wheels and had a 1 mm smaller rear stabilizer bar compared to its master version.

It was hailed among the people that encouraged the General Motors to produce on a mass scale. This car was the perfect output for the massive expectation. The electric car was designed to meet the relevant changes according to the modern era. It received an enormous response in the market for the electric concept which was well-designed. It had a huge impact on the market and inspired many rocking cars that came after it.

Ford-Model-T-Depot-Hack - rocking cars
The feature of this car was simple yet classy which was designed basically to meet the needs of the travel for short distance only. The wagons or hacks were sent to pick up and drop off the guests from stations. It used wooden parts to prepare the structure of the cars at that time and is definitely one of the rocking cars. The restoration this car had was very presentable and feasibility had always shown a drift.

The car sported most of the unique features, a dream car should possess and this one was the perfection that had the body upon the chassis which reflected the innovative change in the automobile industry. The car had shockers and even brakes that were available in all the four wheels. The V4 engine was significant in the car and displacements that had 4.7in stoke. This car is considered as one of the innovative automobiles produced so far.

It was first of its kind which had a proper body which streamlined the sleek design and the automobile industry. The first change in the car designs was attempted which offered a significant change by introducing the airflow. The innovative design supported the movement allowing smooth speed and air resistance to the car. This full-size car marketed its companion model from the DeSoto Brand. The modifications were made according to the consumer’s expectations in the car.

The first-ever minivan that was manufactured provided space and perfect storage capacity to the buyer. The car had air suspension to absorb the maximum shock and featured a fiberglass body. The car was made shorter from the front making it nose almost curved and this provided more space in the car. Stout Scarab’s already remarkable interior space was maximized to dispense with the running boards, which further led to expanding of the cabin.

The car sported a sophisticated look and controlling system with antilock brakes. The car featured the torque-split mechanism which allowed it to drive on four wheels and disc on all the wheels. This remains among the list of rocking cars at that time which were produced to win hearts of the riders. The four-wheel drive tourer is a British production and was proudly considered as the first non-all-terrain production car plus it also had an anti-lock braking system.

The car was front wheel drive and the engine was loaded in the front. The car sported the convertible configurations and was designed b y the best designer to offer it such a unique design. The design was extraordinary and the engineer made it from a different era in time. It had the perfect set of brakes; handling and quality that made it stand unique among other rocking cars. This car had features that were amazing for the 50's production of automobiles.

The racing instinct was reflected in the car with mid-engine two-seater body. It provided the car performance that no other cars could compete at par with it. In a matter of looks and design and stood unique among the other rocking cars of that era. The car was most suitable for people looking for speed and impressive looks. Just as in the standard is now, the brand had maintained the same innovation in features with this version too.

Audi Front UW 225, presented in the 30's, the very first royal car of the Europe combined the front-wheel drive with an engine that held six cylinders. This overcame the engine issue that was seen in its previous version. Audi Front UW 225 has managed to be on the list of top cars for a while then. This car claimed to show the maximum power output in the series. This car featured a wanderer engine and was actually ahead of time.

It was a very different approach from the manufacturers that were known for making cars that were designed for luxury and to behave like sporty. The SUV was four-wheel drive and aimed to attract people from industries which were in the production sector. The engine was first installed in the rear then later shifted in the front to make it more efficient. This car was primarily known for its high performance being a sports car itself.

It was a coupe which sported two doors giving it a hint of a sports car and yet luxurious. The engine, brakes, and the four wheel struts were followed to develop and make it more expressive. The moonroof was one of its essential features and later making it the trademark to the car.  This couldn’t be kept out of the rocking cars that were made at that time. This amazing creation, in its very first generation, was ranked in the Accord and the Civic for its impeccable styling.

The design was pretty unique and unconventional that no other automobile manufacturer could think of. The look was strikingly fierce and the interior was very classy and rich that made it the best saloon four doors of that era. It could easily be contrasted because of its extraordinary feature from other rocking cars. This car had two brilliant versions of itself. Unbelievably, this production brought a lot of fortune to the company from potential customers.

The car was loaded with an engine that offered it power that could make it run at a speed which could not be measured by other cars of that era. The Turbo Rocket Fluid provided it the necessary induction that allowed it more speed and potential to compress and force the engine to limits. The list of rocking cars would be incomplete without this Jetfire. The brand’s compact hardtop added as a bonus under the hood.

This is the list of 20 rocking cars that were made in a time when they actually had specifications and configurations that were beyond imaginations. They had best of the controls and handles that made it from a different time era altogether.

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