Monday, April 8, 2013

1999 Pontiac GTO Concept

Prior to the GTO reintroduction in 2004, Pontiac showcased a more extreme-looking concept in 1999, with blocky styling far removed from the Holden Monaro body used in the current GTO model.

While the concept car sported 19-inch wheels in the front and 20-inch wheels in the rear, the car had no engine or drivetrain to power them, and was strictly a design-concept piece.

The concept GTO pays homage to Pontiac's muscle car of the 1960's and 70's. GTO styling cues include a side profile with hints of the famous "Coke bottle" shape introduced on mid- to late-60's' models. The rear quarter windows are reminiscent of 1968-69 GTOs. A hood-mounted tachometer pod like the one that first appeared in 1967 is part of the package. However, the large, 19-inch-diameter front wheels, 20-inch rear wheels, and ultra-low profile, 40-series tires are much different from the 14-inch bias-ply US Royal Red Line tires included in the original GTO option package. The car's computer-generated interior uses high-tech materials such as aluminum, and the center section of the dashboard is an extension of the hood and painted to match.
Source: Internet