Monday, April 8, 2013

2008 Hummer HX Concept

X may be the Roman numeral for ten, but in this instance, it almost stands for "four." Had this small, two-door Hummer concept been built, it would have reached production as the H4, and it would have directly competed against the Jeep Wrangler (which, ironically, shares a sizable portion of its lineage with the Hummer brand) and the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Hotness then (1-10): 9

The HX was everything we wanted a new Hummer to be: small, stylish, muscular, and capable of tackling the most challenging backwoods trails.

Hotness now (1-10): 9

It's still everything we still want a new Hummer to be: small, stylish, muscular, et cetera. The H3 and H3T proved capable of holding their own off-road (especially when compared to the bloated H2), but the HX/H4 would have been even easier to thread between trees, boulders, sherpas, and other off-road obstacles.

Could it have saved the brand?

The jury's still out on this one. Although a sizable core of Hummer loyalists purchased the vehicles for their off-road prowess, the advent of the H2 and H3 helped shift that demographic to suburbanite soccer moms. True off-roader may pine for a smaller Hummer that can tackle the Rubicon as well as any Wrangler, but we doubt the HX would have resonated with those looking for a station wagon with a stratospherically high seating position.

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