Sunday, January 5, 2014

1960 Semaphore 15 Window

The 15w is 1960 euro semaphore bus. This would be the coolest the 15w at any show. How many semaphore 15w buses have you even seen at a show?

Needs a lot of lower rust repair repair but its actually better under the chassis than I thought it would be and Drip rail is good.

Today I took off the loose paint and rust off after I pulled motor, trans, and gas tank to flushed it and cleaned carb. Motor actually sounds good and trannys shift good up to 3rd gear no brakes yet.

The euro 15 had later lights cut in it. Should not have any blinkers on front and the K1546 euro taillights.

47 new pics 1960 swr euro 15w w/semaphores
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Now running video.
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If more specific pics are needed just let me know. Overseas buyers is not a problem and have more buses available so I will do package deals also.

The more work that is done price will go up and thinking redoing brakes and making it road worthy.

If you want to save $400 I can pull the running motor and put the unlocked motor inside cargo area.

I can deliver to the port of Houston for $400 to ship overseas and if you want a Texas bonded title add $450 takes about 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Thank You