Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oval With Original Patina

Barn find oval Time machine

It’s from January 1957 was on the road until 1966 where it was stored in a barn for 45 years !!
it was found while the barn was torn down, this is why the dents in the roof.

Yes it at real time machine with real patina NO fake…

Here are some facts:

The little rust it had in the heater channels have been repaired it’s now without any rust
Running the original drive line a good 1200/30HK engine newly service on a split gearbox Converted to 12 Volt electric with a Porsche 90mm dynamo
Seats have been change to some form a 1957 with seat recliner so still the correct fabric but without holes..
Window rubber have been change.
Lowered with a narrowed beam, dropped to the floor yet still drivable, can be even lower…
All breaks overhauled with new parts

Update: It is now running on new BBT Sprintstar with new tires 145/65 15 and 195/65 15.
Se pictures in here on this site.
Also: an origina standard steering wheel is included in the price.
The car is imported from Sweden and has a Swedish title, but car is in Denmark.
All EU: duties paid.

Drive perfect and gets a lot of attention

Link to Pictures, with old repro Fuchs wheels:

Link To Ad (For Sale)