Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Lavish Jungle Yacht By International Harvester

The Jungle Yacht by International Harvester was created for and used by Italian explorer Commander Attilio Gatti and his wife, who both traveled extensively to the African Congo. According to Hemmings Blog, he used the Jungle Yacht as a deluxe apartment “for his 1937-1940 (his 10th) and 1947 (his 11th) expeditions” and “equipped them quite lavishly.”

Gattis expedition used two similar vehicles, designed by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, built in 1937 International Harvester D-35 chassis, was just over 13.4 feet long and weighed their courageous 9 tons. When used together at the camp they formed a luxurious five room living  and was of course the heart of the expedition into the unexplored British Africa.
While still many common home lacked electricity as there was here and there was even air conditioning. Although the workshop, photo lab and Gattis loved amateur radio station was on the equipment list. The electricity is supplied by a 110 volt generator that was mounted behind the cab on the cars. The stream was also used to provide a 4500 volt electric fence that was put up to protect the expedition against attacks from wild animals with force.
But even the glamor around the explorers couple must have been startling. With your own Batman, it was probably not the couple Gatti who handled the daily chores without any time could be used for the expedition exploration.
Many of our readers will recall the glamorous “Jungle Yachts” of 1938-40-the elaborate trailers, streamlined as units with International truck chassis, which served as the nucleus of the 10th Gatti-African Expedition. In that supposedly “final” venture Commander Gatti and his gallant wife toured the Belgian Congo.
The Jungle Yachts, joined together in camp as a de luxe 5-room apartment on wheels, served as headquarters while the expedition ‘s personnel sought out the secrets of the dim heart of Africa. The story of that expedition was told in an International Harvester motion picture which bas been shown to three million people, and also in various illustrated volumes written by the Gattis; Kamanda, Killers AII, and South of the Sahara, published by McBride; Saranga, the Pygmy, serialized by the Ladies’ Home Journal and issued in book form by Charles Scribner’s Song; Here is Africa, Meditrrranean Spotlights, and Here is the Veld, published by Scribner’s.
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