Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1954 Hudson Italia Arrow

Hudson Motor Car Company began the manufacture of automobiles in Detroit in 1909, and merged with Nash in 1954 to form American Motors Corporation. The Hudson nameplate was continued for three more years, ending in 1957. Prior to the merger, Hudson, like many other car companies, set out to build a sports car to bring attention to the brand and to bring customers into the showroom.

Hudson created the Italia, a car built on the 1954 Hudson Jet chassis, with a hand formed aluminum body built by Carrozzeria Touring in Italy. Only 26 cars were produced. All cars were Italian Cream in color with red and cream interiors. They were equipped with Borrani wheels. The cost to the dealer for the Italia was $4,800.

The car displayed here is number 22, and was originally purchased in California by an individual who worked as a scientist for NASA and the space program.

This car has undergone a complete restoration between the years 2000 and 2003. Over 20 items had to be custom made to the original specifications by borrowing and copying pieces from other Italia owners.

Source: Internet