Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1965 AMC Cavalier Concept

In 1965, American Motors (AMC) built a concept car named the AMC Cavalier. It was one of three other prototypes created by AMC to demonstrate the future direction of their model line. In 1966, the Cavalier went on the auto show circuit tour. It was joined by three other cars that were collectively known as 'Project IV'. The other cars in the group were the AMX prototype, the Vixen, and the AMX II.

The design of the four-door Cavalier was courtesy of Richard A. Teague. It was given interchangeable body panels (for example, the fenders were identical at the front and rear and could be interchanged). The fenders, bumpers, doors, hood and decklid were also interchangeable. The use of interchangeable materials was an effort to reduce the cost of production.

It was powered by a V8 engine that displaced 5.6-liters and produces 280 horsepower.

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