Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1965 Mustang Station Wagon


This custom built 1965 Mustang Station Wagon was built by Joe Kamp of Peoria, Illinois. It was no doubt inspired by the original Mustang Station Wagon built in 1965 by Intermeccanica, the Italian custom builder founded in 1959.

Mr. Kamp's creation of this unique wagon is finely executed and beautifully crafted. The body was modified using all steel fabrication, retaining the original rear window and rear roof section, with custom made side windows. Mr. Kamp then carefully upgraded the performance of the wagon as an engineering complement to the modified station wagon body. The engine is a fuel-injected 5.0L V8, the transmission is a five-speed manual with Hurst shifter, and the brakes are an upgraded power disc system. Further modifications include reinforcements to the rear section of the frame, engine torque control rods, and rear axle control rods.

Coming soon will be my report on what it's like to drive Joe Kamp's wonderful creation.
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