Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Abandoned ‘Treasure Trove’ Of More Than 100 Classic Cars

A ‘treasure trove’ of more than 100 extremely rare classic cars – including Porsches, Triumphs and a Ford Model T – will be sold off unless their mystery owner comes forward to claim them. The fleet of 105 rare British and American vehicles were abandoned at a mansion in Biddulph Park, Staffordshire, last July when the tenant was evicted for not paying the rent.
It includes British classics such as the Jensen Interceptor, built in West Bromwich; a Humber Sceptre, made by the now-defunct Rootes Group; a Humber Super Snipe and two Triumph Stags. There is also a Porsche 911, a Model T dating back almost a century, two Italian Lancia Fulvias, a German NSU sports car, Mini and Morris Minor pick-ups, a Cortina soft top, and an Escort RS 2000.
Now businessman Mark Greaves, who owns the land, says unless the cars’ owner stumps up the £108,990 bill for storing them, he will auction them all off to recoup his money. Mr Greaves, managing director at flooring firm Flowcrete in Sandbach, Cheshire, said: ‘We had a tenant in the property who was evicted for non-payment. ‘To start with there were about 140 cars, but I think he took the best of them with him. He was interested in vintage cars and became a bit of a collector, but he left the majority of them behind.’

Source:  yourclassiccarnews.com