Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Silver Topped Steamliners

World’s Largest Highway Leviathans
A Study in Streamlined Transportation
    Eight huge chromium trimmed streamliners, specially built in the Fleetwood plant of Fisher Body, transport this mobile world’s fair from town to town. The caravan trucks are piloted by a group of carefully selected and rigidly trained young men. The 233-inch chassis and the engines which are encased in insulated steel are built by General Motors Truck Company.    Six of the great carriers form public exhibition space at show locations. Another converts into a stage and still another carries various show properties.    Every precaution is taken for safe driving. Navigation lights, dual rear-vision mirrors, and directional arrows are auxiliary aid to highway safety. In traveling, the units are spaced at 200-foot intervals as a courtesy to other motorists.