Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Is What 34 Acres Of Rusting Classic Cars Looks Like Photo Gallery

You can’t help but feel moved by seeing Mother Nature slowly reclaim a classic car, and if one car is enough to move you, be prepared to have your heartstrings yanked by these images from our colleagues at Hot Rod. Taken at Old Car City, USA in White, Georgia, the photos give you just a taste of what you’ll find on the 34-acre lot.
In business since 1931, Old Car City, USA isn’t your average junkyard. Owner Dean Lewis told Hot Rod that he likes to think of it more as an “adventureland” or “photographer’s paradise.” Lewis will sell you something, but only at a price that compensates him for losing one of his precious art pieces. By the time he decided he was interested in taking over the property, Lewis’ parents had already moved out of the junk business. Still, he kept buying cars to add to his collection in the woods. Though he kept acquiring new pieces, the land ended up being more of a playground for him and his family than an actual scrapyard. Now, he treats it like an art exhibit, charging admission to explore the grounds.
The sight of finned Cadillacs, Ford Torinos, and 1970 Dodge Challengers all covered with pine needles and quietly rusting away is both beautiful and depressing, and the mixed feelings only continue the deeper you go into Lewis’ collection. Head on over to Hot Rod to see their extensive photo gallery and read the full story about Old Car City, USA.