Saturday, February 11, 2017

1955 Chevrolet Nomad

What a great looking car! The Nomad really is an iconic design that to this day looks great. Looking this ’55 over, it makes me wish American manufactures would bring back the two door wagon! The seller of this Nomad doesn’t really offer much information. They state that it needs to be restored, but that it still wins awards the way it is. It looks like it might be an older restoration to me, but I’m sure a closer inspection will reveal some of the car’s history. There is rust that needs to be addressed and lots of little things to fix, but overall, it looks like a good buy. You can find it here on eBay in Amelia, Ohio with a current bid of $25k.

Of all the Tri-Five body styles, the Nomad is easily the most desirable. They built a little over 8k Nomads in ’55 and even fewer for ’56 and ’57. While ’57 fuel injected models are the most sought after of the Nomads, I really like the looks of the earlier cars and the carbureted 265 is simple to work on. The seller states that this one’s engine is original and unmolested, but no word on whether it’s the 162 horse or 180 horsepower engine. It must run if they are able to take it to car shows though, so that is hopeful!

The interior looks fantastic in the photos! If the upholstery is original it’s in incredibly nice condition, but I would guess it’s been replaced at some point. Either way, it looks like a nice place to be.

I won’t lie, the rust issues concern me a bit. It doesn’t look too serious, but the with the paint bubbling on the doors and pitting around the back window there could be serious rust hiding under the paint. A quick inspection could resolve those fears easily enough though. So which year of Nomad is your favorite?