Saturday, February 11, 2017

1958 Chevrolet Nomad

right front
The 1958 model year was a year of big changes in the auto industry. Car makers doubled two to four. Cars got four headlights, the Thunderbird get 4 seats and the Nomad got 4 doors. This Nomad is an unfinished project listed here on craigslist in Sacramento, California. The seller thinks it’s worth $15,000 and there may be someone willing to pay that much. It has an LS3 engine and a six speed automatic. The interior was redone at some time and there’s a carpet kit ready to install. There is even a 4 wheel disk brake kit included. The body is in good shape with no rust. Few pictures are provided and the photography is very selective.


The dash looks original and complete except perhaps for the radio knobs.

back seat
This is the only view of the upholstery provided. It looks plain but in good shape. The door card is missing. Does the blue paint indicate a respray?

This closeup view of the LS3 shows very little. The big unknown here is how well the engine and trans were installed and the quality of any other work that was done. It looks like the engine might just be set in place. The headers don’t seem to be installed.

The back bumper will need some work, but it looks like the trim is mostly complete. It will take a close inspection to see what it will take to complete this project. Perhaps this fellow bought this project believing it was, as he claims, an “Amazing easy finish project”. It’s not likely this Nomad is worth anywhere near the asking price. What do you think it might be worth? Besides walking away, what would you do with this project?