Saturday, February 11, 2017

Crazy Custom RV: 1941 Western Flyer

Custom 1914 Western Flyer RV
We have featured some crazy campers over the years, but this thing may take the cake. It started life as two halves of a 1941 Western Flyer van, but was restro-modded into the awesome RV seen here. It’s not a barn find, but it’s definitely an oddity that’s worth a look. It has won awards and features many upgrades that make it very usable today. Find it here on eBay where bidding is already up to $66k!

Bed In The Back
There isn’t a lot of information online about the Western Flyer van, but we do know it was designed by Brooks Stevens and he came up with some amazingly styled vehicles that were essentially early motorhomes. You can read more about him and his awesome creations over at Hemmings.

Kitchen And Cockpit
This one has obviously been modified from its original form. There’s a modern chassis and drivetrain underneath and a new interior inside. We think it’s a lot of work to restore a car, but just think about all the challenges the builder faced when they built this thing!

Awesome Tail Fin
This could be the ultimate snowbirdmobile. Just think of the looks on everyone’s faces when you pull into the RV park with this puppy! It’s not going to be cheap, but it will be even more stunning than all your buddies’ six figure rigs. Who needs a slide out when you have a tail fin!