Friday, May 29, 2009

1956 Packard Caribbean

Only 276 Packard Caribbeans were sold in 1956. The Caribbean "sports car" was inspired by the Packard Pan, America's Show Car which was displayed at the 1952 New York Auto Show. The Caribbean was based on Packard's regular convertible and thus shared the same 3099mm (122 inch) wheel base and most of its sheet metal. There were however some significant styling and luxury items. The interior was trimmed in leather, wire spoked wheels were nicely accented by full wheel cutouts. A continental spare finished off the rear. Dummy scoops on the hood, a heavy eggcrate grill and twin rear fender antennas. Overhead valve 5.8 liter 275 HP V-8. Suspension was by "Torsion Level" suspension which used tortion bars inter connected and provided load leveling. "Twin Ultramatic" transmission is contralled by buttons in the box mounted on the column. This is a very nice restored example of the Packard Caribbean.