Friday, May 29, 2009

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

Year 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

Exterior Color: BLACK
Interior color: BLACK/COPPER
Cylinders 8
Engine 426
Transmission 4-SPEED MANUAL

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible Max Wedge re-creation. They built 6 Max Wedge convertibles. They built one black 4-speed Sport Fury convertible. This re-creation stems from a rust free 1963 Sport Fury factory 4-speed, convertible body. It hosts the most powerful engine available from Plymouth in 1963. The legendary 426 Max Wedge, 425hp featured 2x4 carburetion, aggressive camshaft, free-flowing heads and big free-flowing exhaust. This 426 Max Wedge has the original Max Wedge carburetors, intake and rare exhaust manifolds.