Friday, May 29, 2009

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Final Bid: $ 75,600.00

In 1970 Plymouth produced a winged wonder called a Superbird. Plymouth ended up selling 1,935 of these one year wonders 1084 of the 440's were made. This car has been painstakingly detailed to the highest standards, the cars interior and vinyl top remain original, the outside has been refinished one time and has never had any rust or panel repairs, the car has all of its factory markings and is extremely detailed. The exhaust and tires have been replaced with correct reproduction parts and all components of the car are correct - the 375HP 440 was capable of 200 mph on the NASCAR track and its no wonder they were banned from competition after that rare year.

This Superbird in Tor-red outside and black interior has the Single Barrel 440 Engine and 4 Speed Dana transmission is not numbers matching, however has the correct drive train. Options include bench seat, AM Radio, Power Steering and Power Brakes. This is a true mopar muscle car in its rarest form.