Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lagonda Vignale DP2138

DP2138 was based on a platform from within the Ford empire and powered by a V12. But the coachwork and interior was solely the work of the Newport Pagnell factory – no-one else in the world could have produced such a fine automobile. Apart from the styling, this car in fact has mechanically little in common with the 1993 concept.

Sadly the project didn’t proceed further and the car was sold to a collector in the Far East. What stopped this fabulous project? A focus within AML on the DB7 perhaps or the fact that the Lagonda marque was so little known outside of the UK. Whatever, I still think it’s even better looking than the DB9 based Rapide and represents, at least to me as the right car at the wrong time.

These photographs have been provided with the kind assistance of a friend of mine at AM.