Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1950 Nash Airflyte

052516 Barn Finds - 1950 Nash Rambler - 1
There’s just something about these cars that I like. This 1950 Nash Airflyte is in Bellevue, Texas and is listed on eBay with a starting bid of $2,500. In all fairness on the price, the body does look pretty good other than all of the surface rust. Er.. I mean, patina.

052516 Barn Finds - 1950 Nash Rambler - 2
The whole front clip must have come off of another car, the paint line ends at the front of each door so I wonder what’s going on with that? It does look super straight, though, I don’t even see any dents. A TV reality show could totally restore this car and turn a profit in 3 days; just barely making their deadline! (crickets)

052516 Barn Finds - 1950 Nash Rambler - 3
Now that’s a fastback! This car looks rock solid, at least body-rust-and-dents-wise. Even the rear bumper and the trim look good. The seller says that they don’t have the front bumper, unfortunately. This car looks solid enough that I can actually picture it being restored, unlike some other rusty hulks that are left out in a field. There are no engine photos and, oddly enough, not even one mention of an engine even being in this car or coming with it in any fashion. The seller calls it a “roller”, so that must mean that there is no drivetrain at all.

052516 Barn Finds - 1950 Nash Rambler - 4
Ok, the interior needs a bit of freshening up, as they say, but it’ll look great once it’s restored. You have to love that Uniscope instrument pod! You can see a little rust in the trunk and the seller mentions that there “is some rust in the floors and the trunk”. According to them, the title was “last dated in 1960”. If I had the restoration skills, experience, and shop space I would love to tackle a car like this Nash someday. Would any of you restore this car or does it look too rough around the edges for you?