Wednesday, July 13, 2016

31K Mile 1955 Buick Riviera

This 1955 Buick Riviera is said to only have 31,461 miles. I’m inclined to agree with that after looking over the pictures here on eBay. It’s located in Bakersfield, California, and is said to have been garaged it’s entire life and has no rust!

It’s pretty obvious the paint is glossy in the pictures due to being wet, but I’m betting the paint would come up nicely if treated correctly (Josh, do you offer classes?) I love the look with all the chrome, wide whitewalls (but not too wide) and what I think are the original wheel covers. The two-tone paint is just right, too. I suspect it’s been repainted, but it looks like a quality job–I’m not going to count it against it being a “survivor,” but feel free to do so if you feel that way.

What a great grin! All the shut lines look pretty straight as well; it looks like this one hasn’t even been in a fender bender! I would love to have this one to drive the family around. The seller gives us the history of the car, which was a two-owner car prior to the current seller (doesn’t that just make it a three-owner car?) There’s a lot of original documentation included as well, and the spare tire is said to be the original one!

While a little dirty in spots, the interior is really gorgeous and I’d encourage you to visit the ad to see how pretty the detailing is. There’s a period “motor minder” aftermarket vacuum gauge attached to the steering column. To be honest, I’d prefer an automatic in a car like this, but I’m certainly not going to complain about the three-speed. The “air conditioner” mentioned by the seller is really a window-mounted swamp cooler, but it would be a neat accessory to try–I wonder how much cooling they actually provide? Is there a reader out there with experience?

Needless to say, the under hood appearance looks as original as the rest of the car. Assuming that’s the original engine, it’s a 322 cubic inch “Nailhead” V-8. In case you haven’t guessed, I really like this beautiful car and wish I were in a position to consider bidding on it. While not being perfect, this would be a great weekend driver and a car you could be proud of owning, and over time some detailing would go a long way!