Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1953 Nash Rambler Deliveryman

When this 1953 Nash Rambler Deliveryman popped up here on eBay with active bidding and the reserve unmet, I immediately began digging for more information on this funky variant. But there’s some deja vu at work here as well, since Chevy tried to recreate this vehicle with the modern-day interpretation (or was it an abomination?) known as the HHR. Like all attempts to imitate the original, the effort fell flat and the model was later discontinued. This little Nash actually still has windows behind the slab-sided panels that convert it into a miniature delivery van, and it looks very original in the photos. While the design is considered most iconic in Metropolitan form, I’m surprised by how well it translates to a mini cargo carrier. Of course, it’d be hard to resist the urge to customize and convert it into the baddest mail truck in town! What would you do with this rare Rambler wagon if you owned it?