Wednesday, July 13, 2016

5 Window, 1968 Dodge A100 Pickup

It’s hard to imagine there was a pick-up truck war brewing in the 60s that featured single cab designs with low loading floors and beds out back. But with compact cargo carriers like the Corvair Rampside and Ford Econoline racking up sales, Dodge set out to get a peice of the action with trucks like this ’68 A100 Forward Control here on eBay. This example is a rare 5-window version that will need some work to return to hauling duties.

Despite looking a bit rough around the edges, this A100 runs and drives but will require some brake system troubleshooting. Rust is said to be minimal and contained to the lower sill behind the driver’s door (visible in this photo). Not much else is said about the truck’s history other than the mention of its distinctive window configuration, but more info may be needed to kick-start a listing with a $4,000 opening bid.

The interior looks pretty rough, with some old towels being used as seat cushions. New seat upholstery will definitely be needed, but if the slant six and automatic transmission remain in usable condition, throwing some money at the interior doesn’t seem unreasonable. The seller says in one of the bidder questions that he has driven the truck daily but that the brakes are “scary.”

Only a face a mother could love? The A100 certainly isn’t the prettiest face in the crowd, but the 5-window design is attractive – though it doesn’t come close to giving the 21-window VW Buses a run for their money. But that’s not what this Dodge was about, since it was answering a challenge from the VW work vans and offerings from Chevy and Ford. Which would you choose and why?