Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1956 Hudson Rambler Sedan

030616 Barn Finds - 1956 Hudson Rambler 1
Pretty isn’t exactly a word that the average classic car lover would use to describe a car. And, pink isn’t exactly the color that the average classic car lover would want on a classic car. So then, why do I like this car so much?! This 1956 Hudson Rambler sedan, found here on eBay in Bethel, PA, is one pretty, pink car that I wouldn’t mind owning. I’m a huge fan of this grille, and of this design, in general; it’s got the unusual factor that I look for in cars. There is no buy-it-now price and the current bid is $3,300 which seems like an absolute steal for a pink project this pretty!

030616 Barn Finds - 1956 Hudson Rambler 3
To me, this car defines the 1950s American automotive scene as much as any other car does; yes, even as much as the 1957 Chevrolet. I admit it, I’m an AMC / Nash / Hudson fan so maybe I am biased to both the design and the color combination here, but at least with this one you won’t see yourself coming and going several times at every car show as you will with a lot of other 1950s models. As most of you know, in 1954 Nash merged with Hudson and became American Motors Corporation but the Hudson name would carry on through 1957. Both Nash and Hudson carried the Rambler name in 1956, this one happens to be of the Hudson variety.

030616 Barn Finds - 1956 Hudson Rambler 5
As you can see, the seats have been recovered in the ubiquitous velour material that seems to be popular with folks who vary from stock materials. I’m pretty sure that the solid gray seat color and pattern has been toned down quite a bit from what would have been the original color, of which fifteen were available that year. You can also see the overspray on the door jambs, I might expect to be doing a little bodywork on this car if you’re the winning bidder, I have a feeling that it’s been dolled up for the sales photos but maybe the current owner bought it this way. I might have laid down $0.40 worth of masking tape before hitting the gray with a spray can, that’s just me.

030616 Barn Finds - 1956 Hudson Rambler 6
This is one cool, albeit hard-as-steel dash. I would personally wear the seatbelts here for a bit more safety against those pesky texting drivers that you’ll encounter every day on the road. According to the auction listing, the current owner bought this car last August to restore it but has too many other projects so this pretty pink project is being pushed out the door.

030616 Barn Finds - 1956 Hudson Rambler 7
Again, more overspray here and the pink looks pretty thick on the door jambs, covering up things that may not have originally been painted at the factory, but the seats seem like they’re in nice condition even though they’re not the original color or pattern. There should be enough leg and headroom here for anyone this side of Michael Jordan. I’m guessing that the fold-down seat / bed still functions and would make for some interesting overnight stays at a campground.

030616 Barn Finds - 1956 Hudson Rambler 4
This is the 195.6 straight-six “Typhoon” engine that was used until they came up with their own V8 and it had 120 hp on tap, as well as a 12-volt system for the first time. You won’t be able to show off to Jay Leno in a burnout competition but it should move this car along at legal speeds without too much trouble, all while getting around 30 mpg. With about 80,000 miles on this engine the owner says that it runs but it also smokes a bit.

030616 Barn Finds - 1956 Hudson Rambler 8
I think that this would make a great project car for summer cruise nights. This car looks like it’s in nice shape and if a person doesn’t mind a non-factory interior this one looks usable enough until you can afford to bring it back to an original color scheme. Or, maybe you’d rather just enjoy the car as it is now. Is this partial project car too pink for you or would you park it in your driveway?