Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1970 Plymouth Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird 3
We have already featured two others this week (1, 2), so why not a third Superbird? This one was in storage for over 25 years, but underwent a respray 10 years ago and some more recent restoration work. It’s ready to drive now and does look stunning. With all these Superbirds hitting the market, it makes you wonder if we are about to see a shift in values. This one is located in Mansfield, Massachusetts and is listed here on eBay with the option to place a bid or buy it now at $149,000!

Winged Wonder
As with the other two cars we already featured, this one is fitted with the 440 V8 and column shift automatic. The automatic and bench seat surprised some of you, but that is just how most of these came. They were built to go fast in a big circle, so why would it be any different? So, of the three we’ve listed so far, which one would you pick and why?